Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Camping in Zion was fun. It was crowded and a bit noisy, with some interesting "camping" around us, but we had fun prepping for each day's adventure and getting a little R-n-R at night. The doggies seemed to like it. The park has quite a few restrictions on pets, and I can understand why - it's a madhouse of people. Over 3 million people visit each year. Sheesh!

We boarded the doggies just outside the park on the days we spent climbing. We left them at the Doggy Dude Ranch, which was awesome, and the dogs didn't want to leave. They were plenty tired from playing with the other dogs there, but happy to see us when we picked them up and headed out to Bryce Canyon. Cindy, who was taking care of the dogs for us, was fantastic. Turns out she's a climber as well and told us many stories about her adventures in Zion and Yosemite. She was also very understanding when we didn't show up to collect the dogs Saturday night! Thanks Cindy!!

Honey, have you seen the salsa?

Zion was a great time (see the Equinox Epic story) and the climbs were stellar and unique. We won't get to see all popular the Utah sandstone climbing on this trip, but I feel like we got a hearty meal of it this time.

Dad is such a slob.

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