Friday, May 11, 2007

Message From Malo

Dear Bob
Since I've returned from my long trip around the Western US, I've been sitting on the couch and waiting for you to come home. Jim said something like "" but I didn't get the rest, I was busy rubbing my face on the cushion. So, where are you dude? I'd really like some broccoli scraps right now.

After a long day of screaming at the mailman, re-organizing the socks upstairs, and checking the kitchen and dining room for dust particles that may be edible, I like to nap. Every time, I ask myself So where's my nap buddy? Where's Bob!? I guess you're not going to nap with me on the couch until I rent another movie. Each day Jim comes home I scream at him to Go Get A Movie! but he thinks its all about him. What a dork.

Anyway, if you're out having fun, good for you. I'll miss you and defend the house against strange intruders like that infested squirrel that makes faces at me through the window. Each night when dinner gets handed out, I leave a little behind for you Bob, in your honor. Then I eat it. Well, because its food. Duh!

I'll be here when you get back, unless Jim or Hanmi drags me around to their hippy-dippy "park" to play with the stupid dogs. What a lame idea. When will they learn that I really only like stuffed animals. Sheesh.

I'll get a movie and we can nap. Something from the library that was made in the 40's. Oh, I'm feeling tired just thinking about it. Gotta go!


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Bob said...

You the man Malo, miss ya buddy!!