Tuesday, March 31, 2009

PDX Debut

Padre Pio played its first show this past weekend. It was a blast! We sounded great and had a really fun time onstage. I'm grateful to all the support from friends who came to see us. Of course, I have to hand it to Mr Mosey for grabbing this project and slamming it through to realization.

More photos...

We're are planning our next show and working on a new set of songs. Look for them getting flushed out over the next few months, and then a new recording coming up in the Fall!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Dining Room Music World

We recently gutted the dining room and converted it to an impromptu practice area for creating music and stuff. I collected a pile of gadgets and wired them together just to have some fun.

This is the standard setup for the keyboards and other noisemakers.

Kev was awesome to empty the drums out of his closet and set them up. We will be jamming more over the coming weeks.

Malo and I take a break after a practice (gear still unpacked from move) and read teh interwebs.