Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ride On

I've ridden Reach The Beach for several years now, along with a few other local charity cycling fundraisers. They're pretty fun, and always a good measure of your skills on the wheelz, yo!

This year I rode with Christine and some friends. We had good weather, not too hot or cold, and it stayed dry. Hanmi, saint that she is, drove down to the finish line and set up a nice camp where we could flop. It rained the night after the ride, but it didn't wake me a bit. Overall, my legs were just fine the next day.

Some photos...

Christine's legs slowly wore down over the ride. She made it just fine, but had to break several times for a good hearty stretch.

The team, which didn't manage to stick together very much over the course of the whole route. We just all had different paces. But, when Christine and I came down to the final stretch (last 25 miles), we hung out and talked each other through it.

The trooper, who just a few weeks ago hadn't ridden nearly 50 she's a century rider. Can't wait to do it again.

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