Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Two chicks at once!

Yes, yes, it's every man's fantasy... laying back on the bed while a pair of chicks work you over. It's all good until one of them poops and the other one starts pecking at your eyes. But in spite of the challenges, we've taken the plunge and adopted a pair of baby chicks.

As you can see, they are already very much part of the family and happily making themselves at home. In fact, as I type this very post, Delilah is burrowing into the crook of my arm and Francine is nuzzling my ear.

Delilah arrived Sunday afternoon, a couple hours before we hosted a birthday party for our friend Christine. It was quite a circus around here in those hours, as Jim and I took turns being the hovering, doting parent and tried to get the house ready for guests. Everything worked out fine, though, and Delilah was a big hit.

She came to us already well socialized and very much attached to people. We could tell, however, that the change was a little distressing as she chattered non stop. And if we left her alone she screamed... So, once all the guests were gone and with Jim's urging, I bunked in the guest room with Delilah. And because just being there wasn't quite enough contact for her, I let her sleep in the bed, under the covers with me. It wasn't a particularly restful night for me, as I was paranoid I would roll over and squish her. But we made it without any issues, aside from my waking up covered in chicken poop.

Francine arrived on Monday evening, and after a brief introduction, the two were inseparable and gleefully exploring whatever environment we put them in. Initially Delilah was the chatty one and Francine was the super sleepy one, which made me think of the adage that says pets resemble their owners... no question who takes after who! Tonight, however, Delilah's a bit more calm and quiet, and definitely more sleepy, while Frannie has perked up and has a bit more to say.

Regardless, they are both delightful and we've been quite entertained by their curiosity and distinct personalities. We know they will grow up ridiculously fast, so we're savoring each day of our latest adventure. :8 [this is the chicks' addition to the blog post...not sure what it means]
Much to Jim's delight, Delilah just attacked a spider on command and killed it. She's well on her way to being Daddy's little girl.

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mugnyte said...

Rhode Island Reds, for the curious.

Malo still doesn't know what to do. Ellis sulks, but stays gentle.

Chicks are cute. Chickens are...eh. But it'll be cool to have more animals, ones I've never kept before.