Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Theres so much written that i have yet to post here, but we do have about 3,000 photos. So I'm going to burn a post on just pictures from all over our trip. These are in no particular order, and realize they may not be the best shot, but its what we have sized and ready in this little cafe at the moment. Enjoy!

Guanaco ("won-NOK-oh"), relative to the camel and llama, pacing the truck.

Armadillo. Funny little creatures.

I called and called, but no passengers arrived for this train.

The Moreno Glacier, which movs about 3 feet a day and calves icebergs constantly.

An afternoon crowd gathers at the observatory.

The road winds through some amazing territory.

This is a funny story you'll read about later. Our truck "Molden Oldie" acting up. Molden was abused heavily and yet he managed to get us around.

The colors all around were constantly beautiful.

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