Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ordinary Man

If you've not heard of "Jim Noir" yet, please google around for this guy. It's pretty fun. It's a mix of 60's style and sounds, light on substance and heavy on hook. When I say "60's", this isn't just light influence, this is full-on "let's dig out the costumes, instruments and voicings and make a 60's band" kinda stuff.

The wikipedia on him mentions that this was self-recorded at his parent's home. Pretty neat.

YouTube holds a few videos of the music, although my favorite is a fan-made one using a non-US track "Ordinary Man". Seeing as I have a desk job, I think its a hoot. For a "fan mission" this is quite a well produced video. I especially like the appearance of Howdy Dooty as Employee of the Month (October).

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