Thursday, November 29, 2007

drywall up... and it's good!

The drywall is finishing up and the mud is drying. Things are finally looking like a room. We spent 2 weeks on/off putting the drywall up, then had some great folks come in to finishing up and tape/mud. We'll be putting in the floor this coming weekend - very exciting!

Above is the tub corner, where the vent comes down and the plex piping goes up is lower than the lip of the new tub - it's a high lip! I suspect we may up a step next to the tub at some point, but we'll have to see. [What Jim means is that we may need to install a step to get into the tub in the future... -h2m]

The skylight, with the walls finally shaped and mudded, is just wonderful. For a long time, it was questionable if the angles would conform to make a nice alcove. I'm happy to report that it all worked out.

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