Thursday, November 08, 2007

Chicken Visitor

Well, it was bound to happen. Counting our block and the one adjacent, we have 4 chicken coops and a total of close to 20 chickens. With all that squawking and strutting about, we were destined to catch the attention of some others.

Yesterday, our visitor swooped low over the yard, sending the girls into a wing-flapping and crowing tizzy. There was the one hiding and another three bumping into one another trying to decide which way to go. Meanwhile, Han went out back and snapped this picture of the tree above our yard:

Cooper's Hawk, the common North American 'Chicken Hawk'

Han shuffled the girls into the coop and shut door. After a short time, she lost sight of the hawk. Today the chickens are just going to have to stay in the run/coop until we think of a way to give them more room without open access to the sky. Bring a little nature into your home and you're bound to get more than you anticipated. However scary for the girls, it is exciting to see wildlife like this inside the city.


Anonymous said...

We have a pair of hawks that visit for couple weeks each summer. I usually hear them days before I get a glimpse. A murder of crows usually keeps tabs on their every move.
Dede :)

mugnyte said...

Very cool! I don't know what type of hawk this one was, but it seems quite big. Perhaps just migrating through. I've only ever seen a spotted owl in the area, never hawks.