Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thanks All

Well, after our trip East, I wanted to send a gracious Thank You to the whole family, for meeting up for a great party and wonderful food. I'd like to send a special Thank You to my Aunt Jeannine. Her enthusiasm and interest in my latest doings with her keen interest on how each step of my life has made me feel was heartwarming. I'm really glad to catch up with her and learn all about life in central PA, the latest with Steven and how her and Dan are joined at the hip from home to the office. Here in Oregon, we're drawn to the mountain places on our weekends, so we'll have to make a point to visit their mountain home on our next trip back east.

The trip was good - the doggies went along and were rock stars the whole time. We need to carry autographed B&W shots of them - so many people want to meet them.

As usual, my parents were gracious hosts to both us and the big gathering - we're always thankful to stay with them and spend time. While we no longer even try to beat Dad at pool any more, its nice to know he still pursues the APA masters league. The food was great, as Mom makes a great mix of things and everyone brings a interesting dish.

We also had a dinner with Dan & Jen at their home. The kids are adorable, playing and curious all the time. Dan is loud and proud, as we know him. I'm proud as well of everything he's achieved - seeming all at once (school, work, sports). I'm sure we'll connect up again soon.

We took the time to sit and talk with both Rose and Gmom, who has been feeling under the weather but seems to be back home and doing well. Rose's pasta lunch was yummy (the pumpkin martinis were great) - and we've made our own baked apples since returning, a new favorite dessert.

Lastly, I personally wanted to thank my Mom. Mom has been the grease to the wheels of the family for as long as I can remember. She keeps us in the loop when family news is rolling by, makes plans for our visits, and always keeps the food, drink and conversation ever-present and delightful. Over the years, Mom has seen Dan and I grow into unique adults (neither of which grew up on a farm!) but we've been able to each keep our family ties in the styles that fit us best. I'm very thankful for how its all worked out and for how accepting and loving she has been of all our choices, questionable or admirable, over the years. Mom is the first to defend our decisions and the most reluctant to deliver the "I told you so" after-comment. For this and so many other reasons, I must express my deep love and thankfulness for her care. We're truly blessed in having parents that have supported us so far and away from where we've started. Thanks so much!

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