Monday, January 14, 2008

Home Again

Well, its one week late in posting, but we are now back home. Our bags took a few more days than everything else, so there was some consternation for a bit, however everything is fine now. Flying the route Santiago to Miami to Seattle to Portland across 2 airlines is a bit messy.

Of course, returning home always presents the new challenges of "gearing up" for the routines you left. Mail, work, taxes and the rainy season are here. Well, its nothing we can't handle in stride.

The trip was fun and we'll be hosting several dinners soon with friends to show slides and tell stories.

We're eternally grateful to Susan, our longtime friend who watched over the house for the weeks we were away. As she explains, getting used to a half-remodeled bathroom, a chicken coop and three dogs (one her own) every day was a chore. She handled the job beautifully, and even managed a few small crises.

Since we were gone over the Christmas holidays, we're a bit behind in actually sending out the paper cards, but we'll be writing letters soon.

Other than that, there's a few more reviews of places in Patagonia, but I think everyone would just rather look at photos ;) So we'll put together a few more posts soon, stay tuned.

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