Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Creatures we have met

This bird was always around us while camping in outside Prescott, close enough to feed. He is a happy-looking bird. The Grey-headed Junka.

These soldier ants were fun to watch while they carted off every crumb we dropped. They also hurt a bit when they bite. They don't let go!

Little lizards are everywhere on the rocks. They sometimes follow you up the climbs, trying to pump up and scare you off.

These woodpeckers made crazy screeches and checked all the trees around us each morning - again in Prescott, AZ. Acorn Woodpecker.

A wild turkey outside Williams, AZ. Didn't move fast from us or anything, and it was certainly big.

Desert hares live all around the campground in Red Rocks. They're pretty neat when they tilt their ears back and try to hide.

This was a spectacular encounter, a ring-tailed cat. This guy down-climbed 5.8 about 160ft to leave some upper climbers and run right into me. He kept an eye on the doggies, but his standard local meal made an appearance next...

These mice came out to check our packs and weren't shy. There were several all over the place, and seemed to be able to climb anything. They had some great climbing moves. I'm sure the peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches beckoned, but I ate 'em! Sorry guys.

A Western Diamondback Rattlesnake greeted us late one day, guarding our gear at the base in Zion. He put everything we did into slow motion as I tried to collect the rope up from around him...

Wild burros roam the desolate areas of Northwestern Nevada.

Mule Deer roam everywhere in the western mountains.

This creature appears every morning in it's strange blue shell. Only after the temperature reaches about 60deg does it come out and start screaming for toys and food.