Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Stop The Presses!

Well friends, it's close to time to again take a break. Every 6 months or so, we take almost a month and get out of town. Each time, we raise the stakes a bit and go for a bigger adventure. "After so much, what could you possibly do now?" you ask? Ha.

We're getting married.

As in the above, our good friend Christina will officiate a small wedding of us and our 75 closest friends & family. It'll be Saturday evening, and lots of folks are coming from Pennsylvania, Washington, California, North Carolina and Oregon. For the first time, our families will meet and hang out for a few days.

At this very moment, we've been sprucing up the house, finalizing the music selection, printing the programs, and all the other pieces (food, flowers, outfits, etc).

After the big day, we are hiding away in Ireland for a few weeks. Please don't look for us. We'll be Out Of Contact for a bit. Heehee!

After our little trip, we'll be home and ready for some low-stress days. The combination of focus on your partner (a good thing) plus make the wedding your style (another good thing, but lots to decide upon) plus all the questions and things we want to include (a slide show, our own MP3's, nice favors, a quartet, etc). It's fun, but just so much that having it simply all *happen* will be a nice relief.

We're not stressing once each plan is made, but there are lots of things to set up. In the end, if dogs run through the buffet and topples the cake, so be it. (Coincidentally, this was the last time "Fluffy The Cat" was ever seen on The Brady Bunch. No shit! Look up up!).

Meanwhile, Bobby will be caring for the dogs.

Malo has a hurt paw, so that might be a little more than usual, but Malo will manage. He usually takes good care of Bob, making sure he gets plenty to eat. If you feel like stopping by to say hello, I'm sure Malo will enjoy the company while he heals up.

So thanks for the well-wishes, and see you with some more foggy photos when we get back.

Think about this year's costume party. Get back to us on that.

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