Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Random Ideas

Rings/Wristbands/Watches should be keys, with RFID and wireless capability. Shaking hands should be a form of optionally exchanging personal information.
Phones should be headphones that can play music and make phone calls, record your conversations or photograph what you're looking at. Of course, networked to your watch as it's control panel.
Shoe inserts should be able to tell you (your new watch) if your gait is causing stress, or if the weight on your feet constantly excessive.
All the nutritional content of commercally bought foods and ingredients should be organized into a single internet database. Then you could enter your entire diet for the day and determine how good it is for the average body. Or, upon entering certain aspects of your body, how good it is for you specifically.
Sidewalk cement should have a bioluminescent chemical in it to light up where people have walked a moment before. Just for fun.
Picture frames should be cheap flatpanels that show a slideshow.
If gas stations used an underground bay to swap "packs" of several types (petrol, batteries, lnp, etc), but identical dimensions, from underneath the car, we'd not be hindered as much in introducing new technology to power vehicles.
We should try using a composite of animal hair and waste plastics as a replacement for framing lumber.
If there was an clean/efficient way to burn paper products, many business would have cheaper heating bills.
We should convert CO2 in the air into things we need. printer ink, or graphite, grease or paint.
If classrooms were open to anyone and pay-per-class, like the movies, I believe many more people would further their education.
Pens should be able to remember what was written with them, and display it digitally.
Genetic patterns indicating predispositions for certain ailments should be given to people. It may cause them to concentrate on their health a bit more.
If we enclosed many interstate freeways in tunnels, we may be able to capture large amounts of vehicular pollution. Accidents from adverse weather could be reduced. Fitted with sprinkler systems, vehicle fires could be put out earlier. Speeding tickets would be issued based on when your car passed certain checkpoints (without stopping). Eventaully, this infrastructure would help automate the act of driving itself. The tops of the tunnels would make a great bike/trail system.

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