Monday, October 18, 2004

this is news?

this morning jim and i awoke, as we always do, to our local public radio station, OPB... in our half awake delirium the weather report started to sound like fodder for stand up comedy. it's been raining hard and steady for the last couple days and the report was stating something painfully obvious and even more uninteresting, along the lines of 'wind and rain causing local leaf blowers' great hardship...' that's actually one of jim's riffs on the topic which lead to gut wrenching peals of laughter... he had countless others, but, it being early i can hardly remember anything besides how hard i was laughing.

he sent me another via email:

"Hopscotch Drawers reporting increased difficulty throughout the week."

suffice it to say, we laugh a LOT.

a couple weeks ago a story on queen latifah singing standards led to him saying, 'what's next? diana krall re-interpreting rap songs?' then he crooned, 'peeeeeeeeeelll mmmeeeeeeee a grrrraaape. . . bitch!'

i almost peed the bed. it stayed with me all day, too... i would be sitting in a meeting and suddenly i'd hear his voice, 'peeeeeeeeeelll mmmeeeeeeee a grrrraaape. . . bitch!' it wasn't one of my more 'composed' days... the best part was the reaction i'd get from people when i just up and sang it out loud... the back story didn't seem to matter.

this afternoon i thought i'd go to OPB's website to check for more interesting 'weather related' stories. instead i found this headline:

"Undecided Voters Big Mystery in Presidential Race"

no shit?

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